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Direction: Pierre-Antoine Badaroux

Trumpet : Brice Pichard, Louis Laurain, Gabriel Levasseur, Julien Rousseau
Trombone : Fidel Fourneyron, Michaël Ballue, Aloïs Benoit, Judith Wekstein
Saxophone : Remi Fox, Antonin-Tri Hoang, Jean Dousteyssier, Geoffroy Gesser, Benjamin Dousteyssier
Horne: Nicolas Chedmail
Flute : Jocelyn Mienniel
Guitar : Romain Vuillemin, Jean-Baptiste Tandé

Piano : Matthieu Naulleau
Contrabass : Sébastien Beliah
Drums : Antonin Gerbal
Percussion : Benjamin Huyghe, Nils Wekstein
Violin : Patricia Bosshard, Amaryllis Billet, Clémentine Bousquet, Solène Gil, Stephanie Padel, Laetitia Ringeval, Marie Salvat, Yaoré Talibart, Hugo Vanrechem
Viola : Hélène Barré, Julie Legac, Elsa Seger
Cello : Félicie Bazelaire, Elsa Guiet, Deborah Walker
Vocals : Linda Olah

An extended version of the "Umlaut Big Band", Umlywood orchestra enlarges the ensemble from 14 to 39 musicians under the direction of Pierre-Antoine Badaroux. More percussion, more woodwind, added strings, singers ... an orchestra worthy of a philharmonic hall.
   For this specific setting the Umlaut team momentarily forsakes their fidelity to the roaring twenties to gaze further into the future and the repertoire of the 50-60s' of the West Coast, Hollywood, Musicals and sequins! Fred Astaire, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby and Pete Rugolo ...
    At an unprecedented concert, at an exceptional venue, the premiere of the UMLYWOOD ORCHESTRA took place in the Saint-Merry Church, located in the heart of Paris, transformed for the occasion into a "concert hall", at the hight of on of the old chic, kitsch and decadent evenings from Sunset Boulevard.

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