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Yoann Durant  -  conception, soprano & alto saxophones

Louis Laurain  -   trumpet

Margot Dorléans   -  dance

Fanny Lasfargues   -  double bass

Romain Clerc-Renaud    -  piano, keyboard

Julien Loutelier  -   drums

Isabel Sörling / Linda Olah  -   voice




The piece assembles seven artists dealing with sound. The main concerns being space, body and breath; set out from a multiple of regards. On stage, the body is there. Its presence is not a pretence nor representation for a spectacle. In this piece, the sound guides our presence. The sound guides the movement. The sound is always the source. Even if it may provoke a vibration, a tremble, a dance, images and different understandings. Effectively our presence is actualized through how our bodies participate to the sound. Beyond gesture.


The piece organizes itself at the edge of music, dance, theater and performance. It is organized beyond signification, celebrating sound as such. It works on the sonic space, acoustically, in close relation to the spectator. Whose presence in the space is considered, with each ones two ears. You are there. The piece invites the spectator to seek for and construct an emancipated listening. 


The piece is organized like the archipelago. In geography, the archipelago refers to a specific mode of appropriation of space between isolated elements yet with important and crucial links. It elaborates simultaneously from any point. 


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