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Linda Oláh

Concept, Composition and Creation



One of my latest endevours circulates the ambition to reinvent the CD, and reclaim it's artistic properties. The goal is to reinforce its (the objects') artistic value and escape its mass-production symptoms. The project is based around the idea of creating an object that informs the music that is represented on the CD. The object does not only reflect the composition; it is in itself the composition; together they form a musical entity. Each object has a unique configuration which reflects the music on the CD, meaning that the music on each CD is unique. No copies. No mass-production.


By envisioning an object that can contain score-like information aswell as serve as a container for the CD, the first sketch ideas were created together with a set of compositional rules to interpret the construction. 


The project is a work in progress. Updates will be made continuously on this site throughout the process. 




Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
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