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Linda Oláh  - Voice, Electronics



B E L L E's debut album was officially released the 10th of February and is the bands debut album. A couple of words about the music and the work with the record:


- A longer time of composing and reflection has allowed the music to develop been taking shape organically and in strong harmony with my own personal, if not private, growth. I feel that what I have tried to achieve with these compositions is to capture small brief moments – glimpses: Intimate experiences and feelings, close and dear to both body and mind. The result of that process became a transparent, naive, verging on banal music. The material was then filtered and enriched through the fantastic band of musicians that I have had the pleasure to work with on this record. Layer by layer of these musicians emphatic relationship to the original compositions together with their rich musicality has eventually recreated a complex and more credible image of the original ‘glimps’ which the composition was inspired from.


The work with the album has taken over two years, and parts the music was written a long time before that. A lot of reflection, and several rounds in the studio has been invested in the record. All of this time and effort has rendered the work more stable, and in a sense timeless. The ‘glimpses’have now been torn from their original transient state and are no longer private. They no longer belong to me, but they belong to all of myselfes: the passed and the future ones. They belong to the musicians whom so carefully recreated them and brought them back to life and they belong to you who are listening to them.

Respecting the object itself (the cd and its cover) has also been an important part of the process. And thanks to the creative Architect collective "Gang of Six" each record is unique: each of them carefully hand crafted with recycled mylar.

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