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Movement and Sound is a project based on a collaboration between dancers Toby Kassell, Ingeborg Zackariassen and musicians Linda Oláh, Johan Jutterström. The idea is to find a  "common ground" where the boundaries between the two original art forms; music and dance, are deconstructed and redefined, creating a new joint expression.  The work is at times both paradoxal and intricate: It involves the artists freeing themselves from their preconceived notions of what music/dance represents  without loosing grip of their original practice. 


The project is a continuous process and the work is constantly evolving. The work mainly consists of building up constructions through improvisations, exercises or simple tasks. The constructions are then challenged; creating alterations to the original through twisting or distorting the material. The alterations are then summed up to be filtered and divided into several separate constituents - thereby  reaching a new starting point for a improvisation with an explicit expression and a more well defined  objective. This continuous loop represents both the method of working as well as the final material presented in front of an audience. During a performance the projects complexity is managed through the four artists profound focus which mediates a substantial concentration that transcends the performance complex workings and allows an intense involvement with its audience. 


Movement and Sound is an ongoing work where the projects core group (Kassell, Zackariassen, Jutterström and Oláh) work together on a continuous basis. Parallel with this collaborational work several new "satellite works" have been created. Initiated by one or more of the four project members the satellite works investigate the concepts and methods, formed within the frame of Movement and Sound, in a new context. These “satellite works” – being more of individual or compositional/chorographical works – often include a higher presence of personal aesthetics then the otherwise relatively striped down and bare methods/concepts of Movement and Sound. They also often include an expanded or altered ensemble with new artists invited into the process.


This way of constantly morphing and reevaluating the work within several different frames and with shifting ensembles creates a unique and inspired environment where the produced work is continuously spiraling towards new and yet to be discovered artistic territory.


Some of the  “satellite works”  of  Movement  and  Sound  includes: "NG" – by   Johan   Jutterström,   "Solo  for  multiple  self"   –   by    Toby   Kassell, "A consequence of Mergence" (part I and II) – by Ingeborg Zackariassen and Linda Oláh and "(a) Space Revisited".



All Photos by: Stig-Magnus Thorsén

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