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Antonin Leymarie - Compositions, Drums, Clap

Benjamin Flament- Percussions, Vibraphone

Fabrizio Rat - Prepared piano

Adrien Spirli - Synth bass

Linda Oláh - Voice

Thomas Veyssière - Light

Adrien "Aladin" Bourget - Sound

Created in 2012 at the initiative of Antonin Leymarie, Magnetic Ensemble stands out as an original musical project advocating a free, sensitive and organic approach to music. The atypical and polymorphic orchestration of this quintet, drums, digital and orchestral percussions, processed metal percussions, analog vibraphone, prepared piano, synthesizer-bass and vocals, develops a trancelike music with depth.
Like an abrasive magnet, Magnetic Ensemble unfolds brutal melodies, harmonic and rhythmic variations, and draws the audience into an incisive and indomitable trance.

The rhythmic beats are close to the musical aesthetics of electro, breathing a dynamic and physical pulse through the live acoustic instruments. Transgress the first proposition, gradually enrich it, always cyclically, find the perfect outcome related to the dynamic. The energy of the public and the musicians is nothing more than a whole, in phase, like two magnetic waves attracting eachother to the point where they can no longer let go. Magnetic Ensembles music is in all an invitation to surrender to the instinctive and ecstatic movements that lies dormant in all of us. 

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