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Héloïse Divilly - Drums, Compositions

Guillaume Magne  - Guitar

Linda Oláh - Voice, Electronics




YOU is an explosive trio!
A universe of folksongs, instrumental pieces and poetic songs.
Héloïse Divilly, on drums, composes for YOU. Her starting point is the collection of texts by the Irish poet Vincent Divilly. Cradled by traditional Irish music and the music of Reunion Island - where she grew up in an island universe to later discover jazz, rock and improvised music once joining the French mainland. YOU was born from this path.

Linda Oláh's voice goes straight to the heart, she develops a vibrant song, between acoustic voice and effects. Guitarist Guillaume Magne palet goes from  a howling guitar to crystalline sounds or pure rock solos.
They deploy energies or contain them, are alternately soloists, accompanists, choristers. From dazzling improvisations to folk songs, thanks to a sound entity that binds them together. Raw yet refined.


The record "Isles" was released in January 2019. The titles Élisa, I dreamt a quadrangular stone, Telling about large time, are all nods to the islands of the Indian Ocean and the Irish Sea ...

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