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Lhola Lynx - vocals

Mephixor - Saxomaphones

Maurice Viande - Keybordz

Rettel Boy - Drumz

Monsieur - DJ

INSTANT POP delivers the greatest pop-hits you (n)ever heard !

The concept is that these four musicians forge the music on stage in that very instant. Inspired by everything from heroes of the past; David Bowie, and Eurythmics to the divas och today; Katy Perry, Adele etc... etc... they take a deep breath and fearlessly dive right in to the unknown: Total improvisation, yet it comes out as the opposite of what one could imagine when envisioning four musicians playing whatever they want, whenever they want, starting from wherever they want. 
Witness the magic as it happens and hear the future hits of tomorrow being freshly squeezed out of the golden Saxophone of Méphixor, accompanied by the fingerlickin' sweet beats of drummer Rettel Boy and the enchanting harmonies of Maurice Viande finally topped by the seductive voice of Lhola Lynx. Keeping it real, sound-sorcerer Monsieur makes sure the music hits your ears neat and clean - right on the spot.

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