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Cabaret Contemporain is a group of five musicians who work as both composers and improvisers. Their main interest as an ensemble is the mixture of styles and genres.


Through working with both written and improvised music the musicians of the Cabaret Contemporain is trying to achieve a more independent and eclectic music , able to speak to both the general public aswell as to musicologists through the broad influences and languages attained by the way of mixing improvisation and composition.


Sound research is the key element of Cabaret Contemporains approach to their creations. Through the extencive experience of various genres of music that the musicians ammased during their careers (- from contemporary music to techno, from minimalist to rock to improvised music -) the musicians of Cabaret Contemporain has developed a new approach to their instrument including extended techniques, preparations and unique interplay modes. By applying these methods of working they achieve, among other things, sounds normaly belonging to the field of electronic music but by intirely acoustic instruments. A carachteristic that is strong in their music. In addition, the musicians of  Cabaret Contemporain are seeking a virtuoso orchestration; mixing and melting musical each proposal untill they are collectively generating a new sound entity where the individual voices become indistinguishable. 


In a recent project evolving around the music of the american composer Moondog the ensemble has been collaborating with singers Isabel Sörling and Linda Oláh. The project has been touring in the beginning of 2014, playing at various concertvenuies around France including live performances in the French National Radio. The project will return with more shows during both 2015 / 2016.  


The latest project taken on by Cabaret Contemporain features the music by the germain groundbreaking electrogroup Kraftwerk. The music was performed at 104 in Paris and a small summary of the concert can be seen here

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