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Simon Drappier -  Double bass

Andreas Hiroui Larsson -  Drums

Johan Jutterström -  Saxophone

Linda Oláh -  Voice



visual artists

Anton Alvarez

Erik Olovsson




Swedish/French contemporary quartet Boréal formed in 2007 at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. Their music is completely improvised and carefully elaborated between the four musicians. 


For the release of the record/artbox "Flora can't see, hear or speak but she can feel" Boréal collaborated with Swedish designers Anton Alvarez and Erik Olovsson to create a groundbreaking synthesis between sound and image. 


When confronted with the idea for the record, which from the outset had had a visual component, Alvarez and Olovsson certainly did not choose the easy way out: they proposed to use every day objects like a speaker membrane, a pencil and some thread to construct a machine that would translate the sonic vibrations of Boréal’s music to paintings. 


A breakdown of what’s in the box: there’s the record – a formidable collection of ever-dazzling improvisations, sometimes explosive, sometimes lullabies in disguise, sometimes deeply sorrowful, but always tightly knit and performed with the utmost precision; there are the nine paintings, each its own artwork and a unique visual parallel to its musical origin; a poster with all of the nine paintings layered on top if each other; a photograph of the device itself; and sheets with tracklisting and other information. 


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