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Linda Oláh  - Voice, Electronics

Johan Graden  - Piano,  Voice  

Johan Jutterström - Synth, Voice

Lindha Kallerdahl - Bass, Voice

Martin Öhman  - Drums, Electronics, Voice

A group playing structured improvisations and compositions by Linda Oláh. BELLE consists of five innovative and capitative improvisers. All the five members play an equally important role as soloists/accompanists of the music, sharing the responsibility while creatively pushing the music forward together, like one musical body; a musical entity. The music moves unreservedly across genre boundaries and mixes lyrical melodies with harsh sounds always maintaining a collective focus on the musics integrity. B E L L E carries the listener beyond the everyday without romantically floating away and loosing grip on reality. Improvisation is mixed with the composition, roughness with graceful melodies, chaos with structure. The parallel layers in the music and the relation between them forms a tangible feeling of credibility and necessity; A desire to be heard and a promise of complete sincerity. Watch and listen to a liveperformance of BELLE playing at INES in Halmstad; (the video is edited by Linda Oláh).

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