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The Söderhamn Project is a collaboration between architects Joe Giddings, Shaun Ryder, dancers Toby Kassell, Ingeborg Zackariassen, visual artist and theoretician Andreas Hiroui Larsson and musicians Johan Jutterström, Linda Oláh. 


The project revolves around the creation of a artpiece that is to be raised in the center of the swedish town Söderhamn. The creation will take place during the last week of june 2014 and the whole process will be open for the general public.


The idea is to merge the artists different dicsiplines into one  entirety - erasing the bounderies between architecture, dance and music. 


The rising of the structure, whatever it might be, will be part of a ongoing performance. The architects movements and creation of the space will be equal to that of the movements of the dancers aswell as the movement of the musicians - the sounds created by the architects will be equal to the sounds produced by the musicians aswell as the dancers - the sounds, positionings and interractions between the dancers, musicians and architects will together - on equal terms - affect, transform and the shape the final artpiece. 


Working throughout a whole week the artists will be on the site from morning till nightfall. The work will consist of several different workingmethods - working in complete silence through performance, open diskussions both among the artists themselfes and open talks involving the general public.  The work never pauses. By being on site (an outdoor location in the center of Söderhamn) the artists are aiming at creating an open enviroment where the citizens of Söderhamn are invited to parttake in the creation and performance at any given time - through the open talks or by directly interrakting with the artists in the performances.




The project is funded by Söderhamns Kommun through the Kulturmiljonen-fund aswell as through the swedish state; Konstnärsnämnden. 




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