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One of the most recent works linked to the collaborative  platform “Movement and  Sound” is a duet created and performed by Ingeborg Zackariassen and Linda Oláh.


Based on the methods and concepts generated by the collective work within “Movement and Sound” Zackariassen and Oláh have worked on taking the aspect of mergence between the art forms; music and dance, even further. Both by investigating each others practice through the perspective of ones medium, (i.e. looking at dance as a acoustical/sounding phenomenon and at music as a choreographic/moving phenomenon) but also by purely educating each other in ones disciplines.


The investigation highlighs both differences and likenesses that are carefully studied and put into a compositional/chorographical frame, where parameters from both art forms are weighed in and regarded with equal importance; creating a piece that is both music and dance, dance and music at the same time. 


The consequence of this “merging work” is a type of unison. A work where neither music nor dance is added with the purpose of serving the other art form. A consequence of mergence represents a piece where two art formes becomes inseparable and are created and presented on equal terms.  


Movement and Sound was perforemed live at 3:e våningen in november 2014. the performance was filmed and can be found here. 





A continuance of the project was later presented at experimental dance and art scene ATALANTE, in Gothenburg. For this specific occasion the original duo was invited to create a performance together with singer Isabel Sörling.


During an intensive creative process, the group formed what came to be an organic evolution of the original piece "A consequence of mergence" by using the framework of the original as a point of departure for the newly formed trio. The performance was filmed, and excerpts from the performance can be found here.

"A Consequence of Mergence"

All Photos by: Sven Andersson

"A Consequence of Mergence - part II"

Photo by: Linda Oláh

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